Stock Division Membership


The Stock Division gives order for 3 time frames. Intermediate is the 4 month cycle which divides the stocks into 60 stock family groups. Medium Term is the One Lunar Year cycle and is solved for the 60 stock family groups. Long Term is the 4 year cycle for the 60 stock family groups. Every Stock can be placed in a stock family group. Once this is done the software, Delta Graphics, places the turning points on the chart.

Some examples are:


01-Aerospace 07-Computers 26- Insurance 46-Broadcasting
02-Airlines 11-Communications 33-Metals-Rare 50-Retail-Discount
03-Automotive 15-Drugs/Biotech 35-Oil/Gas Services 57-Textile-Apparel
04-Banking 17-Electronics 38-Paper/Packaging 59-Utilities-Electric

Also included are turning points for the major market indexes, as well as several leading economic barometers. They are:

Dow Industrials S&P 100 (OEX) T-Bonds FTSE Index
S&P 500 Crude Oil CRB Index  
NASDAQ 100 Gold Dollar Index  


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Stock Division Membership


Technical Support


Whenever a Member has a question about the software, the member can call the Delta Society at (336) 698-0500 between the hours of 9:00 am  and 3:00 pm eastern time, Monday thru Friday.  You can also email at


Term of Membership


The cost of Membership in the Stock Division or the Commodity Division is $1600. With this payment you receive our software, Delta Graphics, with turning points projected out one year. A monthly maintenance fee of $59 allows us to support you fully with monthly newsletters, technical support and software upgrades. We ask for a one year commitment but will continue to support you as long as the monthly maintenance fee is received as far out in the future as you need our service.


 Special Limited Membership


This membership is available for the  Stock Division, and does not include the Delta Graphic Software. 
The Delta Turning Point Solutions are sent to you through the website in a printable format for your use. Many of our directors and older members have this type of membership and annotate their charts with the turning point dates and numbers. This is especially useful if you already have charting software and do not wish to use Delta Graphics.
The cost for this membership is only $500.00 initially, which includes your first years Turning Points, and $250.00 per year after that. The Delta Turning Points are provided for one year at the time of renewal.

Initial Price $500.00 - Renewal Fee $250.00 per year
Please use Coupon Code TPS when ordering

Stock Division Membership

Initial Price $1600.00 - Renewal fee $59.00 per month