Delta Turning Point Solutions


Delta Society Membership includes access to daily pre-solved turning points. There are four market segments or membership divisions, available:

Commodities Division

Commodities & Intraday

Stock Division

FOREX Division

Delta Society Membership is a natural progression for those who have read The Delta Phenomenon and have seen the results using Delta timing software. More...


For a Limited Time - Good through December 31 2023
Commodity & Stock Memberships: Only $1200
All Tailored Memberships: Only $450 
Intraday/End-of-Day Commodity: Only $1500 
FOREX Memberships: Only $600
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One Day at a Time

Delta timing software

This intuitive program will help you follow the markets and use the Delta Phenomenon to solve for Delta Turning Points. Newly upgraded to integrate other systems, and comes with one free month using the Delta Member Trading Systems. More...




The Delta PhenomenonThe Delta Phenomenon or The Hidden Order in All Markets


The Delta Phenomenon, is the basis of all market movement relative to time. All other methods of technical analysis are enhanced by this timing tool. If you haven't already, read The Delta Story to understand what this book contains. More...


The Adam Theory of Markets or What Matters is Profits


Adam is about making profits trading the markets...anywhere in the world. Adam is the market's own, non-arbitrary projection of the most probable course it will move...updated with every time frame. More...


New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems


Already a legend in its own time, the orginal source for the: Directional Movement, Parabolic Time/Price, RSI (Relative Strength Index), Volatility Movement, ADX and others. More...


The Wisdom of the Ages in Acquiring Wealth

Written in a casual conversational style to bring one through a systematic process of discovering the thinking of the wealthy and wise. More...

If you haven't yet, click here to read The Delta Story!  In the early 80's, Welles Wilder® founded the Delta Society International. His purpose was to share the “secret of the order behind the markets.” This order, the Delta Phenomenon, is the basis of all market movement relative to time.   More…