The Delta Phenomenon or The Hidden Order in All Markets

By Welles Wilder®

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In the early 80's, Welles Wilder® founded the Delta Society International. His purpose was to share the “secret of the order behind the markets.” This order, the Delta Phenomenon, is the basis of all market movement relative to time.  All other methods of technical analysis are enhanced by this timing tool.  As you will learn, the Delta Phenomenon gives higher probability trading success to existing systems. Mr. Wilder states "I have solved the Delta Phenomenon for many different markets over hundreds of years of data and I have never seen a failure in this order."

This full-size, full-color, hard-bound treasure features color charts, the full history of The Delta Phenomenon, and everything you need in order to plot your own charts for any given market.

The secret is easy to learn for beginners and seasoned traders alike, and can be used starting immediately to anticipate the markets. This book is also a prerequisite to Delta Society membership as it outlines the fundamentals required to use Delta timing as a trading tool, to learn how members are using Delta timing go to What is Delta Timing.

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Note: there is no money back guarantee for this book because once you have read it, you will possess valuable knowledge of the Delta secret that we can not get back from you though you may profit tremendously by applying your knowledge in trading. This would not be fair to those, including yourself, that pay to posess this knowledge.

193 Pages, including everything listed in The Delta Book Package below.




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Part 1 The Delta Phenomenon
Part II The Moment of Truth
Part III Intermediate Term Delta (ITD)
Part IV The Family Groups
Part V Medium Term Delta (MTD)
Part VI Long Term Delta (LTD)
Part VII Super Long Term Delta (SLTD)
Part VIII Short Term Delta (STD)
Part IX Trading the Delta Turning Points
Part X Solving for Delta