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The most common reason traders become members is to make money. We say that better tools mean more profit. Delta Timing is a tool that will increase your profit in your trading strategy when applied with proper money management. Follow the Trade of the Week; these are trades Delta Timing has qualified that made our members money. Though some say we are claiming to have the Holy Grail, we do not. We simply have a tool that identifies when to be in the market and when to stay on the sidelines.

Delta Timing reduces time and effort in identifying great trades. Experienced traders know that trade selection is very important. By decreasing the number of losing trades, more profit is realized from your winners. We have all felt the pain of being in a losing trade wishing we had not taken it. Delta Timing gives an edge in trade selection which helps you find the trades to be in and just as importantly, the trades to let pass.

Delta members trade commodity, stock, and the Forex markets. They have realized how difficult trading can be without proper tools and knowledge. Delta Timing is unique in how it identifies when the market will turn from the solutions created by the concepts found in the book, The Delta Phenomenon.

When making your decision to become a member, ask yourself what a trading tool is worth that can make your trading system more profitable.

The members of the Delta Society find value in our support from our site  where forums are in progress that members use to post commentary on the markets they are trading. Monthly newsletters from our division managers guide traders through the Delta Timing rotations.

Look at the memberships below and decide on the one that will best fit your trading plan and market segment. If you do not have the book The Delta Phenomenon we will provide one free with any membership.

Delta Turning Points are available only to Delta Society Members. Delta Society memberships are available as described below. Membership includes one market segment though additional market segments may be added at any time. There are four market segments, or memberships, available. Each membership includes a copy of our market timing software, Delta Graphics, a $495 value that is not available except with membership.  This software includes the Delta Turning Point Solutions for the market segment you join.  

Once you become a member, support is also provided through our  site as well as a monthly newsletter written and posted for each market segment.  "Trading Groups" are also available in our site which allow Delta traders to discuss and exchange views on current market conditions and Delta timing.

New! iconNew Tailored Memberships! We have also just added three new "Tailored Memberships" under the Commodities segment, and a new "Tailored E-Mini Membership" under the Commodities Intraday segment. The Tailored Memberships are more economical memberships for those concerned only with one area such as Agriculture, Currencies or Softs, and the Tailored E-Mini includes intraday, intermediate, medium and long-term time frames.

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1. Commodities End-of-Day Segment:

Commodity Division Membership

NEW! Tailored Memberships - Agricultural, Currency, Softs

2. Stocks End-of-Day Segment:

Stock Division Membership

3. FOREX End-of-Day Segment:

FOREX Division Membership


The cost of full Membership in the Stock or Commodity Division is $1600. The Tailored Memberships are $600. With this payment you receive our software, Delta Graphics, with turning points projected out one full year. A monthly maintenance fee of $59 allows us to support you fully with monthly newsletters, technical support and software upgrades.

Delta Graphics software needs a data feed to see the current prices.  An E-Signal data feed is needed to run our intraday software.  We recommend Commodity Systems Inc.(CSI) data for our end of day programs, their number is (800) 274-4727; tell them you are using Delta Graphic software.