FOREX Division Membership


Welles Wilder® solved for the Top Six US Dollar/Currency Spreads.
They include:




$AUD-USD Australian Dollar/US Dollar
$EUR-USD Euro Currency/ US Dollar
$GBP-USD British Pound/ US Dollar
$USD-CAD US Dollar/Canadian Dollar
$USD-CHF US Dollar/Swiss Franc
$USD-JPY US Dollar/Japanese Yen

The Time Frames that were solved include:

The four month: Intermediate
The one year: Medium Term
The four year: Long Term

Membership is required to receive the timing solutions for the currency spreads. With Membership you receive a copy of our software, Delta Graphics, a $495 value. As long as you keep your Forex Membership active the software displays the Forex turning points one year in the future and back in time for the data you have available. The cost of Membership is $1000.00 with a monthly maintenance fee of $59.

As part of your Membership, Welles Wilder® wanted you to have the Trend Change Index, one of the Member Trading Systems. The Trend Change Index tells you if the bar is bullish or bearish by changing colors. Combining Delta Timing with this very powerful technical tool gives you the edge you are looking for when trading the Forex Markets.

When you become a Member you receive a login to the internal area of this site  allowing you to communicate with other FOREX Traders using our timing tools.


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FOREX Division Membership


FOREX Division Membership

Initial Price $600.00** - Renewal fee $59.00 per month

**Active Delta Members may add Forex Intra-Day for an Initial Price of $500.00.

Call 1-336-698-0500 for details.