The Adam Theory of Markets or What Matters is Profit

By Welles Wilder®

Adam is about making profits trading the markets...anywhere in the world. Adam is the market's own, non-arbitrary projection of the most probable course it will move...updated with every time frame. Using Adam technology, the trader is able to project and actually see that course. When you have read Adam Theory, you will never the see the markets in the same way again.

The Adam Theory is about what will make a trader successful. This unusual book shows why the ideas possessed by many traders prevent them from being profitable traders. The book comes to a very simple, but vitally important conclusion about trading – the Adam Theory. Of course, you will not enjoy the book as much if I were to reveal the ‘secret’ in this article! I am sure you already know what it is – but maybe you do not appreciate its importance.


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"Many of the traders I know would benefit from reading this book once a month. I intend to read it several times and I know I will develop a better feel for the market every time I do."

Bo Thunman, Founder of the 2000 Club


The Adam Theory of Markets is divided into 33 chapters:

Adam is...
A Fairy Tale
To Succeed in Markets We Must...
There really is a lot less trading than meets the eye
What Matters in Markets? - Price
'Is' versus 'Should'
Avoid Arbitrariness
Trading Systems
What Matters in Markets? - Trend
What is a Trend
What is the Most Basic Form of repetition?
What does Exact Repetition Lead To?
What Leads to the Greatest Symmetry?
Projecting The Second Reflection
Constructing the Second Reflection Chart the Easy Way
What does the Prediction Contain?
Which Markets to Trade?
Review of Market Selection
How about Tops and Bottoms?
The Most Important Statement About Markets
Let Your Profits Run
What if we get Stopped Out?
Review of Adam Theory
When do we Enter a Trade
Market Example - Eastman Kodak
Recap of the First Example
The Ten Trading Rules
The Ten Rules Expanded
Market Example - Eastman Kodak
Market Example – Coffee
The Playful Commodity Trader


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