Commodity Intra-Day Division Membership


The membership in the Commodity Intra-day Division adds the four-day cycle; short-term, to the end of day cycles; intermediate, medium, and long-term. Our intra-day software uses E-Signal data. The short term cycles can be used on these commodities:

E-Mini S&P Sugar Lumber Canadian Dollar
DJIA Cotton Pork Bellies Japanese Yen
NASDAQ Gold Live Hogs Dollar Index
Treasury Bonds Silver Live Cattle Soybeans
Treasury Notes Copper Euro Currency Wheat
Coffee Crude Oil British Pound Corn
Cocoa Heating Oil Swiss Franc  


Position traders use the intra-day points for lower risk entries for long term setups. Scalpers use the intra-days points to help determine the daily trends and to define in real-time the support and resistance levels.



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Commodity Division Membership


Delta Society Members are supported through where they can discuss trades with other members and receive office support. The monthly newsletter and trading tips are posted on the site for easy access.


Term of Membership


The cost of Membership in the Commodity Intra-Day Division is $2000. With this payment you receive our software, Delta Graphics, with turning points projected out one year. A monthly maintenance fee of $59 allows us to support you fully with monthly newsletters, technical support and software upgrades. We ask for a one year commitment but will continue to support you as long as the monthly maintenance fee is received as far out in the future as you need our service.


Commodity Intra-Day Membership

Initial Price $2000.00* - Renewal fee $59.00 per month

*Active Delta Members may add Commodity Intra-Day Service for an Initial Price of $1000.00.

Call 1-336-698-0500 for details.



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Tailored E-Mini Membership


The Tailored E-mini was created those trading the E-mini intraday.  This membership includes the intraday, intermediate, medium, and long term time frames.  We also included the Treasury Bond solutions for the same time frames.  All Tailored Memberships also receive a copy of our turning point solutions software, Delta Graphics, a value of $495 that is not available except with membership. This software includes the Delta Turning Point Solutions for the market segment you are joining. Once you become a member, support is also provided through our site as well as a monthly newsletter written and posted for each market segment.  "Trading Groups" are also available which allow Delta traders to discuss and exchange views on current market conditions and Delta timing.

The Tailored E-Mini Membership is available for $600, plus the $59 monthly maintenance fee.  To run the software an E-Signal data feed is needed. We recommend Commodity Systems Inc. (CSI) data for our end of day programs.


Tailored E-Mini Membership

Initial Price $600 - Renewal fee $59.00 per month